Load the Channing House dataset.

This is the channing dataset in the R package boot. From the package description [1]:

Channing House is a retirement centre in Palo Alto, California. These data were collected between the opening of the house in 1964 until July 1, 1975. In that time 97 men and 365 women passed through the centre. For each of these, their age on entry and also on leaving or death was recorded. A large number of the observations were censored mainly due to the resident being alive on July 1, 1975 when the data was collected. Over the time of the study 130 women and 46 men died at Channing House. Differences between the survival of the sexes, taking age into account, was one of the primary concerns of this study.

These data feature left truncation because residents entered Channing House at different ages, and their lifetimes were not observed before entry. This is a biased sampling problem since there are no observations on individuals who died before potentially entering Channing House.


The Channing House data. Column descriptions:


Sex of each resident (male or female).


The resident’s age (in months) on entry to the centre.


The age (in months) of the resident on death, leaving the centre or July 1, 1975 whichever event occurred first.


The length of time (in months) that the resident spent at Channing House (time = exit - event).


Right-censoring indicator. 1 indicates that the resident died at Channing House, 0 indicates that they left the house prior to July 1, 1975 or that they were still alive and living in the centre at that date.


[1](1, 2) Angelo Canty and Brian Ripley. boot: Bootstrap R (S-Plus) Functions. R package version 1.3-20 (2017). CRAN.